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Instructional Guitar Series

This DVD contains a series of lessons from a pro guitar teacher with 30 years experience playing and teaching rhythm and lead lines to some of the worlds greatest classic rock tunes. Designed just like a one-on-one guitar lesson via Audio-Visual format - NO TAB or written material necessary. Learn just as you do in a private lesson: thru demonstrations, examples, and detailed explanation with alternative fingerings and close-ups of the neck fingerings and relevent right hand parts and techniques. Recommended for a range of intermediate players.


This DVD covers teaches some of the great guitar work by Bad Co. The guitar work on these songs is well known and extremely fun to play. While this series is not a lead only study, there are some nice harmony leads that are examined in detail as well as a number of great multi-note riffs. This series is intended for those early-late intermediate+ players who already know guitar basics and want to learn this material. You get 1 DVD that includes 6 lessons with instructional demos (10-20 min each).


Lessons on this DVD:

  1. Bad Company (11:12)
  2. Rock Steady (7:17)
  3. Good Lovin Gone Bad (21:00)
  4. Can't Get Enough of Your Love (19:30)
  5. Feel Like Makin Love (18:13)
  6. Movin' On (18:38)


*This DVD progresses from more basic songs to more advanced. A wide range of experience levels can benefit and newer players can continue learning from these DVD's as their level and ability increases with practice.

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(sample clips from series available here)

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