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This DVD series contains lessons from a guitarist with 30 years experience playing and teaching rhythm and lead lines to some of the worlds greatest classic rock tunes.  This series of DVD's uses a simple easy to follow method and covers each song completely.  It is designed to be an informal fun series of lessons, packing as much information on these songs as possible onto a recordable DVD.  Learn by close-up demonstrations, explanation and multi-speed views of the fingerings.  You progress at your own pace - playing easier parts first and picking up more each time you play it!

This DVD series includes lessons that are designed to benefit a wide ranges of ages and abilities but basic guitar abilities are a prerequisite.  However students can find months of material to work on in each DVD - starting on easier songs material and working up to the more difficult.  Not all students should expect to be able to play everything on some of the DVD's right off - the lead material is geared toward upper level Intermediate players with early intermediate players starting on the general chord and minor riff work.  DVD's that are more lead intensive will specify this in the descriptions and lead parts are intended for those with more experience.  Generally material that is slightly too difficult may appear 'unclear', too fast, or lacking in detail.  This series does NOT include any TAB or written material - its designed to teach thru visual and audio instruction and demonstration.  By watching and playing along with guitar in hand, the student is also training his ear with the ultimate goal of being able to pick out songs on their own.

Learn Black Sabbath DVD:  This is not a guitar hero DVD with a large amount of lead material but it is chock full of early classic Sabbath riffs.  While some songs may have techniques that are a bit more difficult than the rest, this video is considered overall about the intro level for this series and is suggested for students that are late beginner to early intermediate*.  The basic power chords in some early Black Sabbath songs are fairly easy and could be played by most rhythm players with basic chord knowledge. The majority of the songs are composed of several single note riffs which are very melodic, rhythmic and formed the basis and starting point for much of the metal music that blossomed throughout the next 3 decades. The riffs are meaty, heavy and fun to play, and even though there is not a lot of lead work other than straight minor pentatonic improvised tracks which often have subtle layers of 2 or more tracks to fill out the lack of a 2nd guitarist. A MUST for Sabbath fans who love these songs but don't already know or play them.

*(This series is not designed for BEGINNERS who have yet to learn basics of electric guitar but also is not suggested for very ADVANCED players who prefer a whole DVD be spent on detailed, advanced lead work.  Either extreme could find parts of the series useful or either too difficult / too simple - it is geared toward beg-adv intermediate players who want to learn the complete songs w/techniques and leads made popular by these artists.  Specific level of material difficulty is dependent on the original artist/songs being learned.)

BLACK SABBATH - classic sabbath!

Learn songs and riffs from a band that had a lot of impact and arguably started a whole genre on it own!  You get 1 DVD that includes lessons & instructional demos for each of the songs listed below.  This DVD has approx 2+ Hours of video on 1 DVD Disk!!* 

Songs / Lessons on this DVD:  (6 SONGS!)

WARPIGS (30:18)

(approx 2.2 hours*)

The original artists do NOT endores or appear in this video.   This DVD covers the complete song in sections but includes no backing tracks, tabs or written material.

This DVD contains video of instructional material demonstrating how to play these songs and is intended for purchasers private use for learning purposes.   Exclusive distribution rights belong to AJ Multimedia, not for resale.  *No original artists endorse or appear anywhere in this series of instructional DVD's. 

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