Instructional Guitar Series
Learn Classic CLAPTON!
(New 2010 Update)

Learn at your own pace
Play Clapton & Cream Classics!

This DVD contains a series of lessons from a pro guitar teacher with 30 years experience playing and teaching the worlds greatest classic rock tunes. Designed just like a one-on-one guitar lesson via a completely Audio-Visual format - NO TAB or written material necessary. Learn just as you do in a private lesson: thru demonstrations, examples, and detailed explanation with alternative fingerings and close-ups of the neck and relevent right hand parts.

Learn 'SLOW HAND' Guitar!

Take a series of private customized guitar lessons covering classic songs made famous by ERIC CLAPTON! This latest updated version is a complete 2010 remake of all the lessons on the DVD. This version has much better DVD quality video, complete rhythm and many more leads than the original 2005 version as well as detailed note4note leads from CROSSROADS. (plus amazing 'strange brew' lyrical misinterpretation!;)


8 Private Guitar Lessons showing how to play some of Eric Clapton's greatest songs. This DVD of lessons includes:

  • Strange Brew
  • Sunshine of Your Love
  • White Room
  • Wonderful Tonite
  • The Core
  • Lay Down Sally
  • Layla
  • Crossroads
  • Each 10-20 min lesson covers the entire songs with rhythmn and main leads (for more advanced players). (DVD running time approx. 1:50 min.)

    This DVD is geared toward a range of intermediate players who already know the basics of electric guitar. Song difficulty on this DVD ranges from late-beginner to upper intermediate+ level players.

    All VGL lessons are sole property of AJ Multimedia. No original artists appears in this video. These DVDs contain instructional material intended for private use by the purchaser for learning purposes only. Duplication or advertisment for resale is prohibited.

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