Crash Course in Classic Rock

Beginning Electric Guitar DVD

Intro to Virtual Guitar Lessons Series

New to guitar but want to start playing songs - NOW!?

Play your first song in 1 day!!!

This video is a crash course in electric guitar - designed to get you playing real songs as fast as possible.  Comes with a new DVD as well as a bonus CD-ROM full of additional material to help the beginning guitarist get started playing great rock songs as fast as possible.  The is just NO substitute for a LIVE guitar instructor who's seriously interested in teaching YOU how to play.

This DVD is packed with information - designed get beginners the tools they need to get started quickly but with enough important content to also be useful to some intermediate players as well.

Topic covered:

The beginner can take this video at their own pace - each part of this video is meant to be viewed, learned and played along with over an over, once you have it, you move on.  Taken in stages, beginners play the easiest parts together with the instructor, then the more advanced parts are introduced incrementally.  You continue at your own pace - playing along with Alan, moving from the beginning to right to the advanced guitar parts.  The student sees how various guitar parts can be played together, as in a live band and plays along with the instructor - playing the part which fits their skill level.

On this tape you will be given the tools to quickly progress to play your first rock classics.  Songs you will learn on this DVD:

  1. "Sweet Home Alabama" (Lynard Skynard Classic)
  2.  "Wild Thing" (as done by the guitar great Jimi Hendrix!)
  3. "Rock N' Roll" (Led Zeppelin!)

This DVD ends with a separate lesson taken directly from the "Play Classic Rock" series - "Rock N' Roll" by Led Zepplin!  Once you have completed all these lessons you can move on into the full Virtual Guitar Lessons series on DVD.  Once you see the difference personalized real guitar instruction makes, you'll want more and will be ready for the full Play Classic Rock series!

INTRO TO SERIES:  This intro DVD of lessons can help the newer guitarist become ready to take advantage of the entire "Virtual Guitar Lessons - Play Classic Rock" series.  The Virtual Guitar Lessons series which fully examines great classics in detail and teaches electric guitar through playing the greatest classic rock songs of all time.   Each DVD in the series picks a number of songs from various artists and then fully examines the songs and teaches the chords, notes, methods and techniques necessary to play them.   What makes all these lessons different is the personalized nature of the guitar lessons - getting your own live private instructor with 30 years experience right in front of you.   Even if you could find another instructor like this locally to take lessons from, it would cost you many times more and waste much more time traveling back and forth, only to forget much of what was shown.  You never have that problem here - just replay the video!  Each DVD is fully independent - no 'tricks' to make you buy others to be useful, however, be aware that most people find them so useful they WANT to get all of them!

All DVD's from AJ Multimedia are professionally produced with quality production values.  But the most important aspect is the 'personal touch' - live instruction with the ability to actually speak to the instructor!  We look think of the person who buys anything from this series as 'students' not 'sales'.

For more info on the series, see the full VGL Series of DVD's.


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