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Classic Rock Songs DVD

Learn rock classics with live instructor support!

This DVD contains a series of lessons from a guitarist with 30+ years experience playing and teaching classic rock.  Not a run of the mill commercial video where someone rushes thru 50 random licks, this series uses an easy to follow method whose goal is to examine and cover each completely.   Done just like a live one-on-one guitar lesson (but at a tiny fraction of the cost) in a completely Audio-Visual format - no reading tab or music notation necessary.  Learn at your own pace thru demonstrations, examples, explanation, alternative positions and close-ups of the neck and relevent right hand parts and techniques.

EAGLES Classics DVD*

The Eagles are a favorite and have great songs with fun chord progressions but there is also some great lead work.  The very early stuff has incredible country-style leads that emulate many pedal steel licks - very cool.  Then from the great blues rock harmonizing leads to the Walsh inspired dueling leads like found in Hotel California you have some amazing guitar work that is fun, interesting but also challenging for all but the most experienced lead players.

EAGLES Tracks: (running time approx 100 mins!)

  1. Lyin' Eyes (21:35)

  2. Take It Easy (13:28)

  3. Witchy Woman (23:23)

  4. Already Gone (20:08)

  5. Hotel California (23:27)

This DVD contains video of instructional material demonstrating how to play these songs and is intended for purchasers private use for learning purposes.   Exclusive distribution rights belong to AJ Multimedia, not for resale.  *No original artists endorse or appear anywhere in this series of instructional DVD's. 

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