Instructional Guitar DVD
Foreigner & Company

This series is geared toward people who want the experience of a private guitar teacher showing teaching the guitar parts to the worlds greatest songs right in their own home at their own pace.

This series does not try to cover hundreds of songs on one DVD.  How could anyone fully cover 50-60 or more songs in 1 video?!  Don't pay high prices to have someone showoff or to just throw one 'riff' after another at you without really trying to teach a song.  This DVD series covers the songs completely for any guitarist of any age who wants to really understand and learn these great songs.

A very early email just after launching series said:

I just got the rock video lessons and I just want to say this is the first video I can honestly say I can learn some songs from. All those other commercial ones stink. I get tired of someone showing what they can do and I know what they can do, just show me the song and get on with it. You get to the point and I can pick up the chords and notes the way they sound and look on the guitar...

Foreigner & Friends

Learn songs by Foreigner, Uriah Heap & Bad Company. 
Packed DVD full of lessons and instructional demos (approx 10-20 min each),
a series intro and overview.


  • Blue Day 
  • Dirty White Boy
  • Double Vision
  • Cold As Ice
  • Head Games
  • Hot Blooded 

Uriah Heap:

  • Look At Yourself 
  • Stealin' (when should've been buyin') 

Bad Company:

  • Shooting Star
  • Ready For Love 

Purchasing the original recordings is encouraged if its not already owned, to play along with once you learn the songs - they are great songs and have been re-mastered and re-released on digital CD from their original analog format.

This instructional series is NOT designed for BEGINNERS w/o basic abilities of electric guitar technique or very ADVANCED players wanting the whole DVD spent on detailed/advanced lead work - it is geared toward beg-adv intermediate players who want to learn the complete songs w/ techniques and leads made popular by these artists.

This DVD contains video of instructional material demonstrating how to play these songs and is intended for purchasers private use for learning purposes.   Exclusive distribution rights belong to AJ Multimedia, not for resale.  *No original artists endorse or appear anywhere in this series of instructional DVD's. 

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