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Learn Classic Rock Series on DVD

***NOTE: This DVD is not available for International Shipment without pre-approval.***

This DVD contains a series of lessons from a guitar teacher with 35 years experience performing and teaching guitar and classic rock. This series uses a simple easy to follow method whose goal is to examine and cover each song completely. Designed just like a one-on-one guitar lesson using an Audio-Visual format - NO TAB or written material. Learn just as you do in a live private lesson: thru demonstrations, examples, and detailed explanation and close-ups of the neck fingerings and relevent right hand parts and techniques (all for a fraction of the price of one live guitar lesson.)

CLASSIC ROCK "Think Pink!"

Learn by examining some of the greatest guitar licks and chord work. Most chords are not exceptional difficult and should be able to be played by most rhythm players while leads are a bit more advanced and covered in a bit more detail than normal. They are not designed only for those who just want to learn lead licks, these DVDs try to give plenty of work for a fairly wide range of abilities.

You get 1 DVD that includes the following lessons with instructional demos (approx. 15-25 min each).

Lessons on this DVD:

  1. Mother (13:24)
  2. Wish You Were Here (10:24)
  3. The Wall (20:07 min)
  4. Comfortably Numb (22:20 min)
  5. Money (19:28 min)
  6. Time (24:52)


*This DVD is intended for Intermediate guitar players who already know all basics and chords but want to learn these song quickly. These lessons teach the chords, notes and techniques necessary to play the songs - advancing your ability through practice and new material.


***SPECIAL NOTE: This DVD was created using various Audio Compressions that some players may not decode properly. If you have an older DVD player or one which states it does not decode AC3 or mono audio formats please contact AJMM before ordering. This DVD has been encoded using standard formats, however some players audio settings may need to be changed for best sound. (Due to a rare few players that experience problems with audio on some tracks, this DVD is currently available only in the US due to high shipping costs. Buyer is responsible to use a player that supports the DVD audio standard. Contact AJMM for more info.)

Thank You.

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