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Classic Rock Songs DVD

Learn rock classics with live instructor support!

This DVD contains a series of lessons from a pro guitar teacher with 30 years experience playing and teaching rhythm and lead lines to some of the worlds greatest classic rock tunes.  This series of DVD's personalizes the process and uses a simple easy to follow method and covers each song completely.   Learn by close-up demonstrations, explanation, progress at your own pace and play along - you know its right because you can hear and see it played right up in your face!

SANTANA Early Classics*

This series normally does not try to focus exclusively or excessively on lead work as its target is post-beginning to intermediate players wanting to learn complete songs but I have begun adding more lead intensive material as more people have requested them.  This DVD is geared for the Santana devote or those who know his work and want to dive deep into the lead licks of the master Carlos.  The rhythm work is strictly Latin-based with few chords and simple changes that emphasize the guitar as a percussive instrument.  The majority of this DVD concentrates on the leads which stood way out front on much of Santana's early work. Therefore this DVD is recommended for Intermediate+ players who want to focus mainly on the Latin-style leads of Carlos Santana. So if your mantra is "Minor Chords and Dorian Mode Rules" then you should love this!

Learn SANTANA Tracks: (running time approx 2 hrs!)

  1. Freaky Video Intro "4-a-giggle" (2:08)

  2. Ain't Got Nobody (24:48)

  3. Oye Como Va (23:18)

  4. Evil Ways (18:47)

  5. Samba Pa Ti (25:22)

  6. Black Magic Woman (29:17)

This DVD contains video of instructional material demonstrating how to play these songs and is intended for purchasers private use for learning purposes.   Exclusive distribution rights belong to AJ Multimedia, not for resale.

*No original artists endorse or appear anywhere in this series of instructional DVD's.

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