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New LYNYRD SKYNYRD vol.1 (2012)
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Learn classic southern rock greats - rhythm, riffs and leads

Instructional DVD with a live guitar instructor teaching rhythm and lead lines to the worlds greatest classic rock tunes. This series of DVD's provides the a live student/teacher environment where you can learn great songs without having to leave the house. You learn great guitar licks and techniques through demonstration, explanation, and close up views of the neck played at various speeds. (NO TAB or written material) You can progress at your own pace and then play along with the instructor on video.

(How do you say/play...) Lynyrd Skynyrd volume 1 (2012)

This DVD includes these lessons with main rhythm and lead parts based on the following.

  1. I Ain't The One
  2. Tuesday's Gone
  3. Gimme 3 Steps
  4. Simple Man
  5. Poison Whiskey

Bonus DVD may be available with this title: (includes Introduction and bonus lessons for Things Goin' On and Mississippi Kid.) (While supplies last, subject to limitations see below)

(NOTE: NOT ALL BONUS DVDS ARE INCLUDED with multipacks specials & not all DVDs have
associated bonus disks.  There may be 1 free Bonus DVDs included with each 5 DVD multipak.
Additional Bonus DVDs may be available for additional $3/ea. Email for more information on
bonus DVDs with Multi-pack Specials.)


*This is an updated version intended for Intermediate guitar players who already know guitar basics. This is what allows such a large amount of material to be included on a DVD, whereas videos geared for beginners could only cover 1 or 2 songs worth and are at such a slow pace that most players find boring and tedious. This DVD shows the chords, notes and techniques necessary to play the main guitar parts and leads. Leads are normally more advanced and require some existing single note or lead experience to be able to follow and play easily. Always play what comes easiest and come back to parts that are harder or difficult to play. Please contact seller with any questions about this or other videos from ajmultimedia. Thank You.

None of the original artists appear in the DVDS. These DVDs contain instructional material intended for use by the original purchaser for personal learning purposes only. The customized lessons are the property of AJ Multimedia which retains the exclusive rights to its distribution. Any duplication, advertising or resale is prohibited.