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NEW 2012 VOLUME #2

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This series is created and taught by a guitarist who has spent 30+ years playing, and teaching the worlds greatest classic rock. It's designed to be different than the standard stuffy standard commercial videos. This series strives to provide a live lesson by a friendly teacher where you can learn great songs at your own pace without having to leave the house. You learn great guitar licks and techniques through demonstration, explanation, and close up views of the neck in an audio/visual format with material done at various speeds without the use of tab or written material.


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This DVD includes lessons for both rhythm and lead based on the following.

  1. Don't Ask Me No Questions
  2. I Need You
  3. Workin' for MCA
  4. Curtis Lowe
  5. Needle & Spoon
  6. Swamp Music 
  7. They Call Me the Breeze

NEW 2012 VOLUME #2

NOTE:  Special Bonus DVD available with full lesson incl. rhythm & lead guitars on SWEET HOME ALABAMA! NOTE: This is eligible for the 1 bonus DVD allowed with multipack specials.  (Additional Bonus DVDs maybe added to multipacks at additional cost - must request special invoice)


*This DVD is intended for later beginner thru Intermediate guitar players who already know guitar basics. This DVD shows the chords, notes and techniques necessary to play the main guitar parts for the song but does not concentrate on note4note leads. Some DVDs in this series spend more time on individual leads but this DVD is designed to get the most songs possible on 1 DVD instead of spending the whole DVD covering the multiple leads on just 1 song. As one of the earlier DVDs in the series this was originally recorded for VHS so the video is not as high resolution as later DVDs. This video was designed to show closeups of the fretting hand and as such there the picking hand is not shown at all times except when showing certain picking style/patterns and there are times the fretting hand also can move out of camera shot briefly. Please take this into account and consider these details in making your decision to bid - please feel free to ask any questions before ordering.

No original artists appear on the DVD. These DVDs contain instructional material intended for use by the original purchaser for personal learning purposes only. The customized lessons on these DVD's are the property of AJ Multimedia which has the exclusive rights to its distribution. Any duplication, advertising or resale is prohibited. AJMM Copyright @ 2005