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Learn Stevie Ray Vaughan vol.1
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Learn rock classics with live instructor support!

This DVD contains a series of lessons from a pro guitar teacher with 30 years experience playing and teaching rhythm and lead lines to some of the worlds greatest classic rock tunes.  Designed to feel just like a one-on-one guitar lesson by a down-to-earth instructor using an Audio-Visual format - NO TAB or written material required.  Learn just as you do in a private lesson: thru demonstrations, examples, and detailed explanation with alternative fingerings and close-ups of the neck fingerings and relevant right hand techniques

SRV Vol.1 "Texas Blues Flood"

Take private customize guitar lessons to learn these classic songs made famous by the great Stevie Ray Vaughan!  This DVD completely covers these great songs including the best lead licks in each.  NOT just a 'lick o' day' video this series is designed just like a live 1-on-1 lesson teaching the songs.  The VGL series is designed for early-late intermediate+ but this DVD be easier for those with more single note and lead experience than others in the series. 

(This SRV DVD does have a bit more single note, riff & lead than normal for this series - not recommended for new players with little blues or lead experience.  The intended focus is on the full song and classic blues guitar parts with selected leads and important licks taught and demonstrated. SRV does not appear or have any connection to this DVD.)

'Blues Flood' DVD Lessons:

7 Private Guitar Lessons showing how to play some of Stevie's greatest songs. 

This DVD of lessons includes:

  • Cold Shot
  • Tightrope
  • Superstition
  • Pride'N Joy
  • Empty Arms
  • Love Struck Baby
  • Texas Flood

(Running Time= approx 2 hours!)

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Play a web clip from the SRV Instructional DVD "Texas Blues Flood"

(No original artists appear - for private instructional use only)



All video taped lessons property of B. Alan Jay & AJ Multimedia which retains sole distribution rights. Contains instructional material demonstrating how to play the songs and is intended for private use by the buyer for learning purposes. Duplication, advertisment, or resale of this material is prohibited. 

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