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ZZ TOP v1 - 'Bad Blues'
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ZZ TOP vol.1 DVD Lessons

7 Private Guitar Lessons showing how to play some of ZZ TOP's greatest songs. 

This DVD of lessons includes:

Each lesson covers the complete main guitar parts and selected note-for-note full leads over the entire song.  Slow part demonstration and explanation of techniques required followed by instructor playing them along to the actual song.

This DVD is geared toward the student which already has existing guitar ability - must already play all basic guitar chords and for leads have some single note or lead ability for electric guitar.  Song difficulty on this DVD is rated between 2 & 3 stars out of 5 (based on later level intro to early intermediate level players).  Different ways to play songs are shown when appropriate so the student can advance and play the more difficult parts as they progress at their own rate.

Sample Clips


WARNING:  This is highly compressed for modem downloads - for sample purposes ONLY.  The Video/Audio quality is poor (made for streaming & small file size).



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